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A splash of color to warm your room

I am in love with old buffet or side board tables and small china hutches. I think they are such a beautiful way to incorporate a statement piece in any home.






I think every home needs to have at least one piece of painted furniture.
Something that makes you feel a certain way when you look at it.

I personally love neutral colors. Grey, blue, green, white and cream. However, the statement pieces full of color and life always catch my eye and I find myself loving each of them.






Statement pieces can also be more than just a piece with color. Maybe you love the look of something old. That finish can be achieved with chalk paint or milk paint. Milk paint tends to make pieces look older in my opinion. The way the paint chips and flakes off looks so natural. But I love chalk paint for the elegant finish I can achieve on my pieces. I have much more control with it.

Don’t be afraid to bring in something you love to warm your room up! Be daring and add that simple splash of color or warmth to your home. Casually elegant is the perfect way to describe my idea of a beautiful room. So elegant but not the kind where you are afraid to touch anything. A room that naturally invites you in and says hop a squat and relax:)

I wanted to share a few inspiration pictures that I am drawn to. What are you favorite pieces of furniture in your home? Send me a pic via Instagram. Hashtag #visitbaycreek

I can’t wait to show you my pieces when my home is finished with the remodeling! I have been collecting a few here and there!

Thanks for reading,

Jeanette Marie