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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Easel

Hey there,

So I have been finishing up some projects that were started when I was going to do a vintage show.  I was going to take our rustic pieces and our rustic home decor items. I just ran out of time so I cancelled my spot in the show. I stared getting behind on my custom orders and I had to catch up.  Working and having 2 kids makes life already very full! Mike and I are super busy these days.

This was a project I was super excited about. I actually just about build this all by myself! I cut all the wood and sanded everything. I stained it in 2 colors and put it together. Its a simple wood project but can make such a cute addition to your room.

Here’s the plans. Building and creating projects from wood is so gratifying! I love that Mike is able to teach me and I have learned so much in a short period of time. I already have plans of making sure Kaylie and Owen will learn this craft from their dad.

The only modification we made on this build was to add an extra support in the back where the hinges attach. We were not comfortable with the amount of room we had when trying to attach them, so we added a furring strip 12.5 in long to the back. Also, adding this piece gives you a little more leeway when putting the easel together.

DIY easel modification from ana white

we added a 1x2in furring strip 12.5in across the back

So there you have it! You can see the full step by step tutorial on Ana White’s blog. I didn’t take pictures while creating this because I was busy working:) Usually I am the helper and the camera crew!

Diy rustic easel

Diy easel display easel

Heres my photo shoot with the easel. You could add family pictures, your kids artwork or holiday cards..whatever you want! You could paint this white and distress it to make it look old and shabby chic. Or you could paint it a really fun color and place it in your childs room for all the pictures they draw you:)

art work display easel rustic Diy easel picture display easel home decor easel


Hope you love this as much as I do! Thanks for stopping in.

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Jeanette Marie

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Milk Paint directions for the Beginner

OMG! I am totally in LOVE with milk paint. This is the first piece I have ever refinished with milk paint and it turned out better than I anticipated.  Its gorgeous. Its not everyday that that happens when trying something for the first time.

I had heard horror stories about this paint from a few people. One friend in particular had told me about her experience after I explained to her that I had planned on using it. She told me she didn’t have very good luck with this paint. Her whole piece flaked off and she had to start over. Thats a lot of work! to paint something and then have to sand the whole piece again and start from scratch.

So imagine my concern when I decided to try this paint out for myself..NERVous;/ I don’t particularly love the sanding part of refinishing so setting myself up for that extra work wasn’t very tempting. But I had gotten a pretty good deal on this desk and thought it was the perfect piece. Plus, Mike has stacked my unfinished pieces so high in the barn that this was the only one I could get to without killing myself;)

I did quite a bit of research, youtube, the web..you name it. I felt confident… prepared is a better word.  I was ready for the chipping process to occur and was ready to welcome it! everything I learned said this paint is unpredictable. You can never be sure of the finish. Be flexible..Imagine my surprise when the paint stuck better than chalk paint. It was quite a job to sand this paint off my piece. Did I mention that I adore this paint?? because I absolutely do! typewrite milk paint Here is a pic of the piece while I was sanding it. refinishing a desk to stain the topThis desk was in rare form! But I sanded the whole thing with a nematic sander and prepped it for the milk paint. I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint that I purchased from The Purple Painted Lady in typewriter. It is a black color. I was actually going for a grayish color but I added to much pigment. This paint comes in a powder form..yes! a powder form!! Definitely different than any paint I have ever used before. When I learned that I was even more skeptical.

You buy the paint (powder) and you mix it with water. (I used warm water because I think things mix better in warm or hot water) Not in the directions so don’t really know if it matters. I also used the bonding agent on this piece. Thats is also a choice you can make. The bonding agent helps the paint adhere better to surfaces but doesn’t ensure that it will. If you use the bonding agent make sure you let the first coat dry for at least 2 hours. Otherwise you might reactivate the bonding agent in the paint. (I didn’t do this..I never listen!! so bad I know but my second coat went on fine) The white color in the paint dries clear, thats the bonding agent. (if you don’t add the bonding agent dry time is about 20ish minutes)

milk paint with the bonding agent

The white color dries clear, its the bonding agent


typewriter milk paint

you have to stir and mix this ALOT. I used an egg beater and stirred the paint every so often while painting.

The paint looked totally weird going on. Its really watery and runny. Not like other paints I have used. This wasn’t very comforting. The directions say to add equal parts with this paint. so for every scoop of water you add a scoop of pigment. As far as the bonding agent you add as much as the milk paint you have made. So it doubles your paint amount. I only added 8 scoops of pigment in with 12 scoops of water. Then I doubled my recipe with the bonding agent. I wanted a grey color so I added less powder to the water. Still turned out black but a PERFECT black!

Here are some pics of the wet paint. I had a bleed through and sprayed with ploy before the next coat of milk paint. The milk paint covered the spots perfect after that.

milk painted desk, looked blue when wet

It looked blue when I was applying it

The milk paint dried really chalky. Every time I touched the piece it left finger marks. I distressed all the edges and then waxed the piece with furniture wax. The color really popped after I applied the wax and the paint completely soaked up the wax. It looked so smooth and vibrant. No more finger prints!

one coat of milk paint

1 coat of the typewrite milk paint with the bonding agent

milk painted desk. black with a stained top

after the wax was applied, see the color just come to life!

I stained the top and sealed with poly.  Isn’t it a gorgeous refinish! Hopefully all my milk paint projects go this smooth:) I will definitely be using it again,  so I’ll keep you posted.

Want to see more pics?? Me to;) gorgeous milk painted dresser gorgeous milk painted desk beautiful refinished desk with milk paint. how to use milk paint Thanks for reading

Jeanette Marie

Rustic Home Decor Pieces Coming Soon!! check it out

Hi guys! I want to say thank you to everyone that has followed my posts!! xox

Lets talk about some ideas I have for a vintage show I will be selling at this summer:)


Naturally, I first inquired about selling my refinished furniture but the slots for that were full and I really wanted to be a part of the event so I thought..Maybe its the perfect time to debut the hand made rustic furniture/accessory collection.

I have been sketching out lots of ideas and using google/pinterest for inspiration. I have so many things I want to make! Not enough time in the day..I will have to use my better half and more skilled furniture maker for this part;)  He’s going to LOVE that..No, he will. He loves to build and we love to do things together. Its nice when you share a common interest with your partner.

I wanted to share a few of the pictures I found with you guys and see what you thought of the direction our rustic pieces will be going in. Please feel free to comment and give me your input. I love interacting with you guys about my projects..and I love honest feedback. so don’t hold back

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites so far.

Wooden Console Table or Buffet Table..I WANT this for myself

 Rustic Wine Rack. I love this and I think its perfect for any decor!


Who couldn’t use a little more help in the organizing department?? Maybe even add some chalk board paint for titles on each slot..


Industrial Rustic Decor:) Loving the black pipe for added texture


I ADORE everything about this picture! The colors, the rug, and the black pipe again!!


Cool coffee table


OMG!! THAT TABLE! THE MATCHING SHELF!! I loved this so much I’ve already started making it


Its a small piece but simply perfect for your table


Painted mason/ball jars..i’m a junkie for these..


AND!! some more of my color palette


So you can make sure you got your beauty on in the a.m.


Alright friends, leave us some feedback and your thoughts. Let us know if there is something else you would like to see.  This is just a small portion of the unique items I have in mind. I will also have some really cool light fixtures up for grabs if they work out how I plan:)

Thanks for reading

Jeanette Marie