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Recycled Dresser Drawers

Hi everyone!

After my last blog, the one where I almost burned my dresser:/    I decided to look up some recycled drawer ideas..You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you have 6 extra drawers laying around.  These are so cool and unique that I think everyone should have at least one in their home or garden.

drawer thecottagemarket thecottagemarket

d ilovethatjunkilovethatjunk

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d thediyadventuresthediyadventures

d pureandnoblepureandnoble

d keltainentalorannallakeltainentalorannalla

d a-ladys-findingsa-ladys-findings

clothes-hangers Design*Spongedesignsponge

pink porchpink-porch


d architecturaldesignsarchitecturaldesigns

dHe looks comfy in his drawer:)

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Baycreek Boutique Home Decor’s First Blog!!!

I am super excited to share my inspiring moments with all of you! I have loved everything about being creative since I can remember!  It’s such a peaceful place for me in my crazy, busy world.  I can vividly remember being about 20 year old and painting my first pieces of furniture.  It was a coffee table and two side tables.  I lived in an apartment at the time, so I took them into the hallway put some paper plates under the feet and went to work!  Now this was when crackle paint was popular and came in a spray can.  Needless to say my neighbors were not very happy with the smell but they loved my tables!! Everyone came out to yell at me and ended up complimenting the furniture.  I kept those beautiful tables for a LONG time! I wish I had a picture to share with you guys.  Maybe I will dig and see if I can’t find one:)
Painted by ME! Check me out on Facebook at Baycreek Boutique:)
A little while later my family and I took a weekend trip to Shipshewana in Indiana.  This was the start of my favorite color palette!! I bought two clearance hand painted canvas pictures and a chest.  I still have all of those pieces and I still use them to this day.  This was the beginning of my obsession with what is known now as shabby chic.  I find everything about the colors, the lines, the vintage look to be relaxing and airy.  I am so drawn to this almost beachy feel.  I would consider my favorite colors be beachy because I like the earth tone family.  Anything that brightens and warms up a room! COUNT ME IN!!
Lets move on to a little history about my love for furniture.  I have always been intrigued by the way a piece of furniture can change a room.  I enjoy shopping for furniture and envisioning it in my home. I have admired other peoples work and been envious of the fact that they are able to dedicate their lives to designing and painting it!  I have always loved the way paint instantly changes the personality of a piece of furniture.  Have you ever walked onto a front porch and been intrigued by that old looking beautifully painted rocking chair? That piece that is screaming LOOK AT ME but in such a magically subtle way!  Its telling you a story and hopefully taking you somewhere!  Maybe it feels like the beach to you, or that old victorian house you always loved as a child.  Maybe its taking you to the forrest or  grandpas house in the summer.  Thats the idea behind what I do!  I want you to feel something when you see my pieces.
Thanks for reading my very first inspiring moments!