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The many shades of coral

Hello again,

I have been getting lots of questions and comments on my coral pieces I have recently refinished. Some people LOVE it and want to know the exact color I used. I tried so many shades before I found one that wasn’t to orange or to pink. It it perfect! My secret shade is Coral Gables from Benjamin Moore.

The first piece I refinished with my coral color was a fabulous dresser. This thing was in great shape, extremely well made and heavy. I did have to use some wood filler on the top to fill in some deep gouges and also sand it down quite a bit because it had small moisture damage.  I then sanded down the whole piece and cleaned it. We also repaired a drawer where the track had broken and glued the drawer back together.

shabby chic coral buffet

coral shabby chic buffet

Isn’t it pretty! This dresser sold really fast. The client who purchased it has a grey room and wanted to incorporate coral. She said she had been searching for something like this for a long time. Glad I could help!

Next up was the coral buffet table I refinished. I was really nervous about painting a side board table in this color.  It is a bold choice and makes a huge statement! I am excited to see the pictures of this piece incorporated in my clients room. She is using navy and coral, and I really like that color combination.

Shabby chic inspired buffet table in coral


Processed with Rookie

Thats it for the coral pieces! I had another client want a coral buffet but we worked together and came up with another idea! I am currently working on it for her and it should be finished in the next few days. She also purchased a custom built farmhouse table that Mike built and a matching bench. I’m definitely excited to see her get this room together! I’ll add a pic when she sends me one.

Jeanette Marie

Recycled Dresser Drawers

Hi everyone!

After my last blog, the one where I almost burned my dresser:/    I decided to look up some recycled drawer ideas..You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you have 6 extra drawers laying around.  These are so cool and unique that I think everyone should have at least one in their home or garden.

drawer thecottagemarket thecottagemarket

d ilovethatjunkilovethatjunk

d bhgbhg

d thediyadventuresthediyadventures

d pureandnoblepureandnoble

d keltainentalorannallakeltainentalorannalla

d a-ladys-findingsa-ladys-findings

clothes-hangers Design*Spongedesignsponge

pink porchpink-porch


d architecturaldesignsarchitecturaldesigns

dHe looks comfy in his drawer:)

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There’s no I in TEAM

Happy Thursday!!! Its my fourth favorite day of the week! Right after Friday, Saturday and Sunday:)

I am exhausted today, as is my fiancé Mike.  I have been working really hard on my furniture and have tricked him into being my partner;)  The beautiful thing about this situation is that we make a great team.  All the unspoken cues and picking up where eachother left off is in perfect harmony.
We both work full time and have 2 children together.
A 4 month old little boy!
My handsome little man!
And a 9 year old that’s just to cool for me!
My beautiful spunky little lady!
Last night I asked Mike to go and pick up 2 antique dressers for me after he got home from work the next day.  He agreed, with a little persuasion, and MY plan was set in motion.  He leaves for work a little before me in the morning so I drop off our son, Owen,  at my moms house on my way into work.  Mike picks Owen up on his way home.  This is our routine.  It works.On the way home Mike hits traffic on the freeway.  Then more traffic in my moms subdivision.  They are redoing the streets and have it completely blocked off!  Which is absurd that its legal to block off a whole street.  So, now he is late picking up Owen and late for our pick up appointment.  He says to me in his grumpy voice, “I don’t want to do it today.  I do NOT have the time. I am tired Jeanette.”  {I’m Jeanette by the way}  I have to calm him down and explain that while we are really busy right now we are on a mission of making our business, Baycreek Boutique Home Decor, work for us…  Right now we are definitely working for it!!  He leaves to go pick up the antique dressers:)

I will say that it is hard to be motivated to paint after we have worked all day, made dinner, done homework with Kaylie and put Owen to bed. Our time is so filled right now it is easy to say forget it! Lets watch a movie, snuggle and take a nap!  Staying on task is really hard with all these variables in our life. It’s a good thing that I LOVE it!!!



In light of this crazy day we have had…by we, I mean Mike;)

This is my Michael!!

I wanted to share a video with you guys that was shared with us by a close friend! This is a powerful video with a great message.  When I feel myself getting lazy or losing momentum I remember the Guru’s words in this clip!

If you have ever had a dream, or wanted something to work so much that you can feel it in your bones…watch this!

And remember..Never sacrafice what you want most for what you want right now!! FYI…Here are my dressers!!!

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