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The many shades of coral

Hello again,

I have been getting lots of questions and comments on my coral pieces I have recently refinished. Some people LOVE it and want to know the exact color I used. I tried so many shades before I found one that wasn’t to orange or to pink. It it perfect! My secret shade is Coral Gables from Benjamin Moore.

The first piece I refinished with my coral color was a fabulous dresser. This thing was in great shape, extremely well made and heavy. I did have to use some wood filler on the top to fill in some deep gouges and also sand it down quite a bit because it had small moisture damage.  I then sanded down the whole piece and cleaned it. We also repaired a drawer where the track had broken and glued the drawer back together.

shabby chic coral buffet

coral shabby chic buffet

Isn’t it pretty! This dresser sold really fast. The client who purchased it has a grey room and wanted to incorporate coral. She said she had been searching for something like this for a long time. Glad I could help!

Next up was the coral buffet table I refinished. I was really nervous about painting a side board table in this color.  It is a bold choice and makes a huge statement! I am excited to see the pictures of this piece incorporated in my clients room. She is using navy and coral, and I really like that color combination.

Shabby chic inspired buffet table in coral


Processed with Rookie

Thats it for the coral pieces! I had another client want a coral buffet but we worked together and came up with another idea! I am currently working on it for her and it should be finished in the next few days. She also purchased a custom built farmhouse table that Mike built and a matching bench. I’m definitely excited to see her get this room together! I’ll add a pic when she sends me one.

Jeanette Marie

Dry Brushed Dresser

Today I am going to talk about a dresser that was purchased for a nursery.  The client also asked me to refinish a changing table to match! They purchased this not knowing the sex of the baby and thought this was a great color palette for the room. You know how it is when you are expecting your first child! You are MORE than prepared and have a need to be ready at all times:)

I remember being pregnant with my first, Kaylie, and I went to register for the shower. I had NO idea what I was going to need, but everything looked absolutely essential! So, I scanned away..I registered for enough to take care of 10 babies. HA! I got the huge stroller with the matching car seat that doesn’t fit with anything else in your trunk..used maybe 10 times. But hey! you never know. As soon as I found out I was having a girl I started buying clothes and painting her room..decorating it, then redecorating it..I was bored after I was 6 months pregnant! I had taken care of everything. I had picked her doctor, her hair color and her profession! Memories:)


Back to my dry brushed dresser..This dresser was in PERFECT shape! I sanded the whole thing and painted it white. I then took grey, blue, green, white, and tan to use for the color on the drawers. I dipped the TIP of my brush in each color, I didn’t even change brushes, and went in a big circle to coat each drawer. It took a long time! You have to use a tiny amount of paint and all your colors for this to look good. And remember to just dip the very tip of the brush in each one. It will look funny in the beginning but by the 20th time around it will start to blend together and you can see the different shades forming.


Here’s where we all learn from my MISTAKES! My first encounter with a bleed through( a yellowish or pinkish stain that NO amount of paint will cover).  It is a common cause in pieces with wood that has tannins or some darker red woods that haven’t been properly sealed. It is U-G-L-Y!! And you never know until it to late!

The yellowish bleed through. Its not a great pic but it definitely icky yellow.

The yellowish bleed through. Its not a great pic but it definitely icky yellow.

I went out the next day, after the dresser was painted and noticed yellowing in certain areas of the dresser. What a bummer..Now I get the pleasure or sealing the dresser with polyurethane and painting it white again.  I sprayed the dresser with poly and repainted it. Wouldn’t you know that it bleed thru AGAIN! UGGGGG!!! I didn’t think I would need more than one coat, or a least I didn’t want to need more than one coat..So I sprayed it with poly again, and then once more because I was not going to keep creating double the work for myself. (I should add that I sanded with a 120 grit in between each coat of poly..important step.) The next coat of white covered like a blanket:) If it hadn’t, I was going to burn the dresser! Just kidding..I would have saved my pretty drawers!! HAHA

I posted this piece on my Facebook page just to let everyone know what I was working on and got the email from Craig and Nicole. I explained the dresser wasn’t done yet, I still had to distress it or do something else to it..Change the color of the handles. Sometimes I just don’t know when t quit. They said they loved it as is, so the piece was finished with poly and picked up by its new owners. I hope this dresser serves their baby well:)



I WANT TO SAY CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO NICOLE AND CRAIG! What a blessing a child is and I want to share a little quote with a big meaning. “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
Elizabeth Stone 

When I refinish the changing table I will take a video so you can see the dry brushing technique I use.


Thanks for reading!

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Jeanette Marie 

Tall Boy Dresser

Oh man!! What a great weekend:) We barbecued, fished, shopped, went to the beach, painted furniture and attended a beautiful Memorial Day service. My daughter Kaylie actually had the honor of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the Memorial! To say she was super excited is an understatement..haha

I honestly do not know where she gets this presence about her..She loves to be the STAR!! She shines when everyone is watching her.  She really turns on the charm:)

I remember being in 3rd or 4th grade and we would say the Pledge of Allegiance in school over the P.A. system.  Everyone wanted to be chosen as the VOICE and we all squirmed in our seats until the lucky winner was picked.  The day I got picked I was so excited! I ran all the way to the office and waited very impatiently.  The next thing I knew a microphone was being shoved in my face and I panicked! I couldn’t speak..Literally, my mouth didn’t work and the principal ended up doing the honors.  I panicked, no audience..just the idea that all of my friends could hear me.  My daughter is the complete opposite and I am grateful for the confident young lady she has grown to be.

Now, lets talk about a piece of furniture that was definitely lacking its rightful presence in the world. He was boring and crying for help;)

Dusty Tall Boy Dresser Before

Tall dresser Before Picture

This dresser was in perfect condition. I mean impeccable. It doesn’t get better, the drawers were perfect on the inside and the piece itself had no scratches or marks.  So, I thought..what should I do with this gorgeous piece??

I didn’t really want to distress it to much or make it look like something it wasn’t.  I needed it to say MAN to me.  It just screamed I don’t want to be a boy anymore..It needed some masculinity.

So, I headed to the paint department and debated my millions of color choices for far to long, then finally decided on Perfect Storm. I started the project by removing the hardware and doing a light sanding to the entire piece.  I wiped the dresser down and used an air hose to get the surface clean and went to work on my first coat.

I always make my paint into a DIY version of chalk paint. I use calcium carbonate and latex paint for the DIY mixture.  I used a little less carbonate in this mixture so it still maintained just a slight sheen. I wanted the color to look rich and deep.  I have done another blog on all the different DIY recipes and the finishes.  I have also added in some experiments I did because I had quite a few questions when I began to use this mixture.  The blog isn’t finished yet but I promise to post soon:)


The first coat covered Like butter! Seriously, it looked fab with just one coat..Two coats later I was looking at a dark teal dresser that still wasn’t quite happy with the outfit I put on him. I waxed the piece and used a glaze (glaze I mixed with black paint) to add depth to the details of the dresser.  I then distressed just the corners and the trim work where it was raised from the drawers to let the original wood show through. I painted the handles in a flat black finish and VOILA!!  My Handsome Dusty Teal Tall Boy Dresser was ready for his photo shoot:)

I posted him for sale on my Facebook page and he was snatched up quickly.  He will now reside in St. Joseph, Michigan and I couldn’t be happier.





That’s it for this busy girl! My next project is a gorgeous refinish of an antique dresser with tons of details! I am working closely with the client to give her the perfect piece for her 1 year old daughters room:) Its going to be stunning!! See you next time and Thank you for reading.

Jeanette Marie

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Antique Low Boy

Today I am going to talk about my super cool low boy dresser.  I forgot to take a before picture of the dresser.  What a bummer..but ill try to give you an idea. It was pretty beat up and looked really neglected:(   The drawers were covered in carvings spelling the phrase “Jonny loves Susan.” and some other things.  It was your basic dark walnut wood color and it was very shabby on the top of the dresser.

I debated leaving the carvings because I thought they were really neat.  Until I walked into a craft store and saw the scrapbooking paper with the writing on it.  I fell in love instantly and knew just what I was going to do with it. I purchased 7 sheets and and headed home.

How I created this look:

1.  Remove all the hardware and check the piece for broken drawers or anything that needs to be repaired.  The knobs on this were actually glued in so I had to chisel them out and then drill a new clean hole.  Fixing these issues in the beginning is a time saver..I PROMISE!

2.  Sand the dresser with a 120 grit sandpaper and then a 220 grit sandpaper.  {Remember to always clean your surface when changing grits and to also change your sandpaper frequently.}  Clean the whole thing with an air hose or a damp rag.  Let it dry completely!

3.  Decide on a paint color {make it into DIY chalk paint} grab a brush and hand-paint the entire dresser, including the drawers.  I kept the brush movement with the grain of the wood, but thats up to you..

4.  Wait for the paint to dry, chalk paint dries very quickly, less than 30 minutes. Grab the dresser drawers and placed them on their bottoms.  Now, get ready for the FUN part! The papered fronts!!

5.  I used polycrylic,to glue the paper down to the drawers not mogdepodge, because the modge podge makes the paper way to hard to sand off later.  Used a brush to wipe on the poly and then place the paper on top making sure you dodn’t have any bubbles underneath.  {I put the whole piece of paper on and sand the edges away later. Makes the job easier.}

6.  Wait for it to dry and then sanded away until you like it.  There are no rules! Just do what feels right for you.  Start with the corners and work your way in.  I wanted a very distressed look for this, so I sanded a lot!

7.  Then paint over the paper with the same color you had previously used, let it dry and then distress again!

8.  Distressed the rest of the dresser and wax it.

9.  Lastly seal the drawers with poly and let them dry. Put the hardware back on and do a photo shoot with your new beauty:)

Thank you for reading!! Let me know if you have any questions. Please enter your email to subscribe!!


Jeanette Marie

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There’s no I in TEAM

Happy Thursday!!! Its my fourth favorite day of the week! Right after Friday, Saturday and Sunday:)

I am exhausted today, as is my fiancé Mike.  I have been working really hard on my furniture and have tricked him into being my partner;)  The beautiful thing about this situation is that we make a great team.  All the unspoken cues and picking up where eachother left off is in perfect harmony.
We both work full time and have 2 children together.
A 4 month old little boy!
My handsome little man!
And a 9 year old that’s just to cool for me!
My beautiful spunky little lady!
Last night I asked Mike to go and pick up 2 antique dressers for me after he got home from work the next day.  He agreed, with a little persuasion, and MY plan was set in motion.  He leaves for work a little before me in the morning so I drop off our son, Owen,  at my moms house on my way into work.  Mike picks Owen up on his way home.  This is our routine.  It works.On the way home Mike hits traffic on the freeway.  Then more traffic in my moms subdivision.  They are redoing the streets and have it completely blocked off!  Which is absurd that its legal to block off a whole street.  So, now he is late picking up Owen and late for our pick up appointment.  He says to me in his grumpy voice, “I don’t want to do it today.  I do NOT have the time. I am tired Jeanette.”  {I’m Jeanette by the way}  I have to calm him down and explain that while we are really busy right now we are on a mission of making our business, Baycreek Boutique Home Decor, work for us…  Right now we are definitely working for it!!  He leaves to go pick up the antique dressers:)

I will say that it is hard to be motivated to paint after we have worked all day, made dinner, done homework with Kaylie and put Owen to bed. Our time is so filled right now it is easy to say forget it! Lets watch a movie, snuggle and take a nap!  Staying on task is really hard with all these variables in our life. It’s a good thing that I LOVE it!!!



In light of this crazy day we have had…by we, I mean Mike;)

This is my Michael!!

I wanted to share a video with you guys that was shared with us by a close friend! This is a powerful video with a great message.  When I feel myself getting lazy or losing momentum I remember the Guru’s words in this clip!

If you have ever had a dream, or wanted something to work so much that you can feel it in your bones…watch this!

And remember..Never sacrafice what you want most for what you want right now!! FYI…Here are my dressers!!!

Thanks for reading!!
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Jeanette Marie


Baycreek Boutique Home Decor’s First Blog!!!

I am super excited to share my inspiring moments with all of you! I have loved everything about being creative since I can remember!  It’s such a peaceful place for me in my crazy, busy world.  I can vividly remember being about 20 year old and painting my first pieces of furniture.  It was a coffee table and two side tables.  I lived in an apartment at the time, so I took them into the hallway put some paper plates under the feet and went to work!  Now this was when crackle paint was popular and came in a spray can.  Needless to say my neighbors were not very happy with the smell but they loved my tables!! Everyone came out to yell at me and ended up complimenting the furniture.  I kept those beautiful tables for a LONG time! I wish I had a picture to share with you guys.  Maybe I will dig and see if I can’t find one:)
Painted by ME! Check me out on Facebook at Baycreek Boutique:)
A little while later my family and I took a weekend trip to Shipshewana in Indiana.  This was the start of my favorite color palette!! I bought two clearance hand painted canvas pictures and a chest.  I still have all of those pieces and I still use them to this day.  This was the beginning of my obsession with what is known now as shabby chic.  I find everything about the colors, the lines, the vintage look to be relaxing and airy.  I am so drawn to this almost beachy feel.  I would consider my favorite colors be beachy because I like the earth tone family.  Anything that brightens and warms up a room! COUNT ME IN!!
Lets move on to a little history about my love for furniture.  I have always been intrigued by the way a piece of furniture can change a room.  I enjoy shopping for furniture and envisioning it in my home. I have admired other peoples work and been envious of the fact that they are able to dedicate their lives to designing and painting it!  I have always loved the way paint instantly changes the personality of a piece of furniture.  Have you ever walked onto a front porch and been intrigued by that old looking beautifully painted rocking chair? That piece that is screaming LOOK AT ME but in such a magically subtle way!  Its telling you a story and hopefully taking you somewhere!  Maybe it feels like the beach to you, or that old victorian house you always loved as a child.  Maybe its taking you to the forrest or  grandpas house in the summer.  Thats the idea behind what I do!  I want you to feel something when you see my pieces.
Thanks for reading my very first inspiring moments!