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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Easel

Hey there,

So I have been finishing up some projects that were started when I was going to do a vintage show.  I was going to take our rustic pieces and our rustic home decor items. I just ran out of time so I cancelled my spot in the show. I stared getting behind on my custom orders and I had to catch up.  Working and having 2 kids makes life already very full! Mike and I are super busy these days.

This was a project I was super excited about. I actually just about build this all by myself! I cut all the wood and sanded everything. I stained it in 2 colors and put it together. Its a simple wood project but can make such a cute addition to your room.

Here’s the plans. Building and creating projects from wood is so gratifying! I love that Mike is able to teach me and I have learned so much in a short period of time. I already have plans of making sure Kaylie and Owen will learn this craft from their dad.

The only modification we made on this build was to add an extra support in the back where the hinges attach. We were not comfortable with the amount of room we had when trying to attach them, so we added a furring strip 12.5 in long to the back. Also, adding this piece gives you a little more leeway when putting the easel together.

DIY easel modification from ana white

we added a 1x2in furring strip 12.5in across the back

So there you have it! You can see the full step by step tutorial on Ana White’s blog. I didn’t take pictures while creating this because I was busy working:) Usually I am the helper and the camera crew!

Diy rustic easel

Diy easel display easel

Heres my photo shoot with the easel. You could add family pictures, your kids artwork or holiday cards..whatever you want! You could paint this white and distress it to make it look old and shabby chic. Or you could paint it a really fun color and place it in your childs room for all the pictures they draw you:)

art work display easel rustic Diy easel picture display easel home decor easel


Hope you love this as much as I do! Thanks for stopping in.

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Jeanette Marie

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How to Choose the Perfect Color Palette for your Home

Your home is a feeling not a place. Choosing the perfect color palette for your favorite place in the world doesn’t have to be difficult.

I know it can intimidating picking from millions of colors and then hundreds of different shades of the same color when choosing paint for your home. Deciding on the perfect wall color can really set the tone and feeling of your room. To help you when looking for a color combination that will work I have a few tips.

1. Go look at your closet~look at the colors of clothes you usually buy and wear. This is a good indication of colors that you are naturally drawn to and make you feel good.


2. Head to the fabric store and grab a few samples of some of your favorite patterns. Use this to pull colors that you like. You can even have Home Depot or Lowes scan the color you like and custom create a paint for you:) I’ve done this before and they do a great job of color matching.

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3. Purchase your wall art pieces you want to use in the room for inspiration. You can even print them, instead of purchasing right away, and tape them to your wall. Stare at them for a few days. Purchase a few color samples and paint small areas around the art work. This always helps me. Bonus..paint is 100% returnable! Just don’t use the whole can

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4. Make your big purchases before choosing a paint color. Do you want a white couch, a red accent chair? Maybe you want a green china cabinet or a walnut kitchen table. I always recommend keeping your big items neutral and adding color with fabrics like pillows, curtains and rugs. These are less expensive to change and can make a huge difference. It’s the easiest way to make your room feel comfortable, inviting or even new. It can create a whole new look in seconds.


p c

5.  Use the color wheel to choose complimenting colors.



6. Last but definitely not least. Check out this awesome website. They offer tons of color combinations and they are sorted by theme, which is my favorite way to search the site. You can also change the values of the colors to add pigment and take it away. They will offer you colors that easily match your favorite.

I think the most beautiful color combinations are found in nature. The next time you are in an inspiration funk take a walk or go for a drive. Visit the beach, the park, a flower shop or a vegetable and fruit market. The stunning colors combinations will surprise you and hopefully give you the creative encouragement to find the perfect colors for your home.

bbb flow fruit


Aren’t all of these color combinations gorgeous?!! My personal favorite is the beach photograph. What’s your favorite?

Do you have a no-fail plan for choosing colors? If so please share with us, we would love to hear your ideas. And remember, your home is a feeling not a place. Don’t rush perfection:)

Jeanette Marie

Some of the Best of the 4th of July




As the Fourth of July gets closer I am loving all the red, white and blue I am seeing everywhere. I wanted to share a few of my favorite decorating pieces and items. Enjoy!!

0711-Flag-Chair-s2Found at the Cottage. A Patriotic chair for about $1300   WOW!

oPottery Barn table cloth on sale for $27.00

img53bPottery Barn personalized plate for $37.00 

patriotic_plates-r1aa8d866ee9e429e9b8f60ad7058ba68_ambb0_8byvr_324Really cool patriotic plates from Zazzle for 26.95

wallDecorative wall art for the house or the wood fence in the back yard. Found on Amazon for $21.99

butPretty butterfly garden decor found on Amazon 27.97 for a set of three


flagYour very own flag to fly in your yard from Toland Home garden for 10.98

bowlsSet of three patriotic tin bowls found on Amazon for 27.95 

collectionsHanding patriotic decor found on the Collection Etc. for 10.95

solSolar powered garden and yard decorations found at the Collections Etc. for 7.95 each

balA bouquet of balloons celebrating the 4th from Party City for 15.99

Sweets_Buffet_Patriotic-8976Party City, all decor sold separately

floatPatriotic Float kits from Shindigz  for $349.99. I would love to build a family float for the 4th and take it down to my local parade! But what to do with it after that??….

lNDLand of the Free banner found on Etsy for $22.00

propsPhoto booth or just fun photo props representing some of the things we love about the 4th of July! Found on Etsy for $25.00

masonYou can get these from Baycreek Boutique! Let me know if you are interested in a set of Patriotic Mason Jars

wall flagWooden wall flag from Trendy Tree for 14.99. You can hang this art all year round:)



An easy way to incorporate some patriotic decor. Toss it onto a rocking chair on the porch or your couch. Found at JinStyles for $22.00


Better Homes and Gardens decorating ideas. I love the simplicity of this style. I know some love the SPARKLE that the 4th brings and go for a more blingy style.

The Fourth of July signifies Americas Independence!  The red in the American Flag represents hardness and valor.  The white signifies purity and innocence. The blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.  Our flag flies high friends!  Spend time with your family and enjoy the fireworks!

Jeanette Marie