Milk paint and metallic paint..who would have thought!!

So, I have been getting lots of questions on exactly HOW I refinished my classy shabby chic milk painted side table. Did I use the bonding agent, what gold color I used..where did I get the milk many coats of each did I apply. Hopefully I answer all of your questions in this post.

Heres the details on what I did. super easy!

I sprayed the whole table with Gold paint, click here for the link, she looked fancy! But kinda boring to me. I was originally going to paint the top white and leave the fancy legs gold but then of course I got to thinking….




table refinished in metallic paint and milk paint

So I decided to milk paint in white over the whole thing. I wanted it to chip away and reveal the gold underneath. I debated clear coating the gold finish just in case I needed to sand off the white milk paint. But I didn’t.

I mixed up Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in the color Flour Sack. Click here for the link. A little side note. I have now tried 2 kinds of milk paint. I will say that Sweet Pickins mixed way easier than the other kind I previously used. I don’t know if the ingredients are mixed differently or if I am getting more comfortable with the paint mixing itself, but I worked half as hard when stirring Sweet Pickins.  It mixed up (in warm water) in less than 2 minutes and I had no lumps. I just used a spoon to mix mine.

I did not use the bonding agent for this.  I painted on 3 coats of milk paint. Took my sanding paper and started sanding the table. All the chippy paint fell right off and looked amazing. I continued to sand until the piece was smooth. Then I Sealed it with wax.

There was a spot on the legs that I was nervous about. All the paint flaked off. But in the end thats the beautiful thing about this paint! It does it own thing. There are no rules.

Its a really pretty finish.

Here it is in all it’s beautiful Glory!!!






Theres an area in this photo where I only had 1 coat of paint. I really like the way it looks. Next time I might do 2 thin coats of paint over the whole thing instead of 3.



Thanks for reading,




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