My favorite facebook page right now!

Jeanette here with some awesome info on a fabulous website for trendy and friendly priced clothing.

I don’t know if you guys have seen the page flying around on facebook lately but I noticed it right away. Beinspiredboutique has some really beautiful clothing.

They offer mommy and me dresses. Which are perfect for a family photo shoot or just a day to make your little “me” feel ooper special! What little girl doesn’t want to be just like her momma??!! Even better to look just like her mom.



Hope Kaylie wants to have a Twinkie Day




They have tons of cool and trending pieces that I am Falling in LOVE with. I’m about to spend a ton of hard earned cash and mike is going to kill me;) I love all these bohemian and hippie clothing styles right now. The wide leg pants are my favorite! I could never get into the skinny jean trend.








Check them out and let me know you guys think.

Thanks for stopping in,

Jeanette Marie

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