Lace and Flower Covered Letters

My daughters best friends birthday is coming up and we were trying to decide what to get her. We decided on a goldfish, I asked her mom first:)
But we also wanted to make her something special from Kaylie.

I remembered seeing a a blog on lace covered letters and I loved the way it turned out. So, I went off to gather supplies.

I used things I had left over from craft projects. The only thing I bought was my letter from Michaels for $4.99 and I used a 40% off coupon.


some of the supplies

you need:
-big letter
-craft glue
-flowers (not to big but not to small either)
-hot glue gun (one of my favorite inventions EVER!)

Take your letter, you can paint it or leave it the wood color. We left ours but painted would have been pretty to. Cover the letter with glue, spread it around with a small craft paint brush. Lay the lace on top and press down. Let dry.

Cut around the corners of the lace or anywhere you need to help the lace lay flat on the sides of your letter.  Just a little snip in the lace will do.  Add more glue to the edges of your letter and wrap the lace around to the back. Let dry

Take your choice of flowers and hot glue them to your letter. FUN!!


Pretty DIY lace letter


Lace letter hanging on a door


Lace letter inside an old wood frame


Lace covered letter with pretty flowers on it.

I try to keep my numbers of things in odd. I will use 3 or 5 flowers but not 4 or 6. I usually like the way it looks better.

Its super Easy! And a really pretty project when its finished.
Have fun and thanks for reading! See you next time

Jeanette Marie

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