Hanging Style Beds

For anyone what knows me, they know I am in love with home decor! I love everything about decorating a home, painting the walls, using different textures and colors. It is my happy place.

Recently i have become obsessed with hanging loft style beds.  Mike and i are in the process of redoing our home so we have been looking for inspiration everywhere.  I came across these beds and fell in love.  I showed them to our daughter and she loved it to.  we are trying to talk mike into building her one for her new room:) and i want one for my back patio. Thats not asking to much is it??

I love the eclectic style that this brings to the porch. It flows perfectly! and i need one


this is just simply gorgeous. the colors and imagine the view from that spot!


pintrest pintrest

This is my style of decorating. the subtle addition of color with fabric that i can change when i get bored and all the wood in varying colors. clean and inviting! don’t you want to come sit and drink some sweet tea with me:)


I don’t mind if i do!!!







Hopefully i can get 1 or 2 of these in my new home..everyone should comment and tell mike that this is an absolute necessity;)

Thanks for stopping in!

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Jeanette Marie

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