Everything a girl loves..shopping, boys and PINK!

I received an email from a client explaining that she wanted a pink desk and black chair for her daughter.  She asked me if I had any unfinished or unspoken pieces  available and I told her “Yes!”  Then we emailed inspiration photos back and forth and she loved ALL of them:) It took her awhile to decide on the finish but when she did I was excited to get started.

Now, pink and black are not my favorite colors and if I had painted this on my own to sell it I would NEVER have painted it in this palette. But, the customer is alway right…so I went to work.

The first thing I did for this piece was remove the hardware and sand everything down.  I had to sand a lot on the front of the drawers because the old handles had left indents (I knew I was adding new hardware). I did have to fix a few drawers where the dovetail had come apart.  I did this by filling the dovetails with wood glue and using bar clamps.  I also had to address some issues where the top layer veneer had separated from the wood on a few drawers.  To fix this I inserted wood glue underneath by using a tooth pick and pushing the glue into the cavity as far as it would go.  Then I used a piece of wood to put pressure on the area and clapped it. This sat overnight to ensure proper drying time.



Next I sanded the excess glue off my drawers and wiped down the desk.  I jumped in my paint booth and sprayed my first coat of paint.  Spraying furniture is an art in my opinion.  It takes a lot of practice and patience. My fiancé and mother in-law have taught me well:) The first coat was a light pink color. The second coat was the same color. The third coat was a few shades darker.

The next thing I did was wash this piece in a shade even darker than I had previously used. Then a shade lighter, then the original pink color(first 2 coats) then the color of the 3rd sprayed coat.  Lastly, I lightly white washed it and dark waxed it with Americana Dark Wax.  It has so much depth and color variation, its really pretty!


A similar pink color palette I used for this piece.

I similar pink color palette I used for this piece.


I distressed the edges in spots that I think would naturally be worn and decoupaged the drawers. I used mode podge to adhere the paper and seal it.

For the chair, I used black paint (made into DIY chalk paint). I painted 3 coats and distressed it to show the gorgeous wood color underneath. My next project will be black! I loved the way the chair turned out.




I have to say that in the end I absolutely LOVE-LOVE this refinish. It was outside my comfort zone and really made me work. Her vision has inspired me to try out some new color combinations and you will see these soon!

Thank you for reading.

Show you care and share!


Jeanette Marie

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