Dry Brushed Dresser

Today I am going to talk about a dresser that was purchased for a nursery.  The client also asked me to refinish a changing table to match! They purchased this not knowing the sex of the baby and thought this was a great color palette for the room. You know how it is when you are expecting your first child! You are MORE than prepared and have a need to be ready at all times:)

I remember being pregnant with my first, Kaylie, and I went to register for the shower. I had NO idea what I was going to need, but everything looked absolutely essential! So, I scanned away..I registered for enough to take care of 10 babies. HA! I got the huge stroller with the matching car seat that doesn’t fit with anything else in your trunk..used maybe 10 times. But hey! you never know. As soon as I found out I was having a girl I started buying clothes and painting her room..decorating it, then redecorating it..I was bored after I was 6 months pregnant! I had taken care of everything. I had picked her doctor, her hair color and her profession! Memories:)


Back to my dry brushed dresser..This dresser was in PERFECT shape! I sanded the whole thing and painted it white. I then took grey, blue, green, white, and tan to use for the color on the drawers. I dipped the TIP of my brush in each color, I didn’t even change brushes, and went in a big circle to coat each drawer. It took a long time! You have to use a tiny amount of paint and all your colors for this to look good. And remember to just dip the very tip of the brush in each one. It will look funny in the beginning but by the 20th time around it will start to blend together and you can see the different shades forming.


Here’s where we all learn from my MISTAKES! My first encounter with a bleed through( a yellowish or pinkish stain that NO amount of paint will cover).  It is a common cause in pieces with wood that has tannins or some darker red woods that haven’t been properly sealed. It is U-G-L-Y!! And you never know until it to late!

The yellowish bleed through. Its not a great pic but it definitely icky yellow.

The yellowish bleed through. Its not a great pic but it definitely icky yellow.

I went out the next day, after the dresser was painted and noticed yellowing in certain areas of the dresser. What a bummer..Now I get the pleasure or sealing the dresser with polyurethane and painting it white again.  I sprayed the dresser with poly and repainted it. Wouldn’t you know that it bleed thru AGAIN! UGGGGG!!! I didn’t think I would need more than one coat, or a least I didn’t want to need more than one coat..So I sprayed it with poly again, and then once more because I was not going to keep creating double the work for myself. (I should add that I sanded with a 120 grit in between each coat of poly..important step.) The next coat of white covered like a blanket:) If it hadn’t, I was going to burn the dresser! Just kidding..I would have saved my pretty drawers!! HAHA

I posted this piece on my Facebook page just to let everyone know what I was working on and got the email from Craig and Nicole. I explained the dresser wasn’t done yet, I still had to distress it or do something else to it..Change the color of the handles. Sometimes I just don’t know when t quit. They said they loved it as is, so the piece was finished with poly and picked up by its new owners. I hope this dresser serves their baby well:)



I WANT TO SAY CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO NICOLE AND CRAIG! What a blessing a child is and I want to share a little quote with a big meaning. “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
Elizabeth Stone 

When I refinish the changing table I will take a video so you can see the dry brushing technique I use.


Thanks for reading!

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Jeanette Marie 

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