French Inspired Buffet

Excuse my French but this beaach is gorgeous!!! IMG_4020 I purchased this super ugly buffet and everyone was like why would you buy that!?? To be honest, I didn’t know why I bought it either. Except the fact that I want to buy every sad piece of furniture that I see for SALE!!!  No furniture is safe around me! I will chalk paint it, milk paint it, color wash it or whatever comes to mind when I see it.  I can always envision something stunning when I look at an old antique piece of unloved furniture. The hard part is making up my mind! With this piece I started out wanting something really clean and fresh looking.  I knew I wanted to use my french inspired stencil I purchased.  I had it for like a month and was waiting for the perfect piece to use it on:) And then I met her!! My ugly waterfall buffet table. Here is a picture of her when I picked her up. IMG_3907 The bones of the buffet were in really good shape. I removed all the hardware and lightly sanded the whole piece. Then put my first coat of paint on.  Instant MAGIC I tell ya!!! Looked better after just one coat of paint. I used a linen white color.  There are tons of variations of white out there to give you a headache over, so I did the ini meeny miny moe trick and bought a gallon.  If you haven’t used this nifty little rhyme to help you out, give it a try;) It never fails and always produces an answer;) So, I painted 3 coats of my white color on the buffet, let each coat dry completely in between, and grabbed my stencil. I didn’t have stencil paint so I mixed some plaster of paris in with my flat black paint, to thicken it up, and headed over to my piece.  I taped the stencil down, this is imperative, and used a small brush to dab and brush the black into the stencil. It took quite some time to finish because you have to dip your brush, then dab your brush onto a paper towel (or whatever you have) to get the excess off the brush. I also dabbed the brush on a paper plate after just to be sure I wasn’t getting to much paint.  I didn’t want it to bleed underneath, and I wanted it to looked stamped. I waited for the black paint to dry and then lifted my stencil.  It was so pretty and so WHITE!

White buffet before I dark waxed

White buffet before I dark waxed

It's so cool!

It’s so cool!

I did not by any means hate the piece like this but I did remember seeing something by the Purple Painted Lady that I had fallen in love with.  It was a dresser she had finished with a typography transfer on the front.  It was a stunner!! To check it out yourself click here.  It is the center piece of her headline picture on the front of her page.  She must have loved hers as much as I loved mine!! So while I am standing there staring at the buffet and wondering why I feel like its missing something, that image popped into my head and I went for it!! For the finish I used Annie Sloan Dark wax. It was my first time using it and I did have a few freak outs with this wax.  It is super thick and does not spread easily. It was really frustrating until I realized that I should mix the dark wax with my clear wax to allow me a little more time when adding more and removing some. It was most definitely a long process for me.  I also skipped the clear wax step for this one.  The clear wax is a critical part when dark waxing your pieces.  If you skip this step it will actually change your paint color. It will stain the color and it is irreversible. I skipped the clear because I wanted this to look old and worn.  I wanted the color to take on a deeper almost dirty hue.  I added more after the first coat dried, and then removed some from just certain areas to give it the color depth you see here. I removed a lot from the center and left the edges darker. IMG_4015 Lastly I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased new hardware, which is always 1/2 price now!! woohoo!! When it was all finished I took the buffet outside and snapped tons of pictures! This piece has gotten so much interest from everyone who saw it. I received awesome feedback on the French Inspired Buffet!! I really hope you like it to.


Sorry about the shadows in this picture. The top is covered in them.

IMG_4024 Thanks so much for reading:)   Jeanette Marie

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