Tall Boy Dresser

Oh man!! What a great weekend:) We barbecued, fished, shopped, went to the beach, painted furniture and attended a beautiful Memorial Day service. My daughter Kaylie actually had the honor of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the Memorial! To say she was super excited is an understatement..haha

I honestly do not know where she gets this presence about her..She loves to be the STAR!! She shines when everyone is watching her.  She really turns on the charm:)

I remember being in 3rd or 4th grade and we would say the Pledge of Allegiance in school over the P.A. system.  Everyone wanted to be chosen as the VOICE and we all squirmed in our seats until the lucky winner was picked.  The day I got picked I was so excited! I ran all the way to the office and waited very impatiently.  The next thing I knew a microphone was being shoved in my face and I panicked! I couldn’t speak..Literally, my mouth didn’t work and the principal ended up doing the honors.  I panicked, no audience..just the idea that all of my friends could hear me.  My daughter is the complete opposite and I am grateful for the confident young lady she has grown to be.

Now, lets talk about a piece of furniture that was definitely lacking its rightful presence in the world. He was boring and crying for help;)

Dusty Tall Boy Dresser Before

Tall dresser Before Picture

This dresser was in perfect condition. I mean impeccable. It doesn’t get better, the drawers were perfect on the inside and the piece itself had no scratches or marks.  So, I thought..what should I do with this gorgeous piece??

I didn’t really want to distress it to much or make it look like something it wasn’t.  I needed it to say MAN to me.  It just screamed I don’t want to be a boy anymore..It needed some masculinity.

So, I headed to the paint department and debated my millions of color choices for far to long, then finally decided on Perfect Storm. I started the project by removing the hardware and doing a light sanding to the entire piece.  I wiped the dresser down and used an air hose to get the surface clean and went to work on my first coat.

I always make my paint into a DIY version of chalk paint. I use calcium carbonate and latex paint for the DIY mixture.  I used a little less carbonate in this mixture so it still maintained just a slight sheen. I wanted the color to look rich and deep.  I have done another blog on all the different DIY recipes and the finishes.  I have also added in some experiments I did because I had quite a few questions when I began to use this mixture.  The blog isn’t finished yet but I promise to post soon:)


The first coat covered Like butter! Seriously, it looked fab with just one coat..Two coats later I was looking at a dark teal dresser that still wasn’t quite happy with the outfit I put on him. I waxed the piece and used a glaze (glaze I mixed with black paint) to add depth to the details of the dresser.  I then distressed just the corners and the trim work where it was raised from the drawers to let the original wood show through. I painted the handles in a flat black finish and VOILA!!  My Handsome Dusty Teal Tall Boy Dresser was ready for his photo shoot:)

I posted him for sale on my Facebook page and he was snatched up quickly.  He will now reside in St. Joseph, Michigan and I couldn’t be happier.





That’s it for this busy girl! My next project is a gorgeous refinish of an antique dresser with tons of details! I am working closely with the client to give her the perfect piece for her 1 year old daughters room:) Its going to be stunning!! See you next time and Thank you for reading.

Jeanette Marie

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4 thoughts on “Tall Boy Dresser

  1. abby maia

    I am so impressed jeanette! your work is stunning! I am captivated by all of it…just waiting for the right piece. ..


  2. Patty

    Hi Jeanette. I love your blogs. I am new to your posts. You mention you did a DIY blog on the recipes and techniques. Can you send me that? Have you ever considered a class. Btw is your Aunt Susie Ross? Do you have an actual boutique that we can visit?

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. baycreekboutiquehomedecor Post author

      Susie is my aunt!
      Small world:)
      The post isn’t finished yet on the recipes.
      I will try and have it up by the end of the weekend.
      I have considered offering classes. However, I do not have a space to do so.
      I have been looking and if I do find a spot to hold classes I will post about it and post to my Facebook page! Stay tuned:)



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