Antique Low Boy

Today I am going to talk about my super cool low boy dresser.  I forgot to take a before picture of the dresser.  What a bummer..but ill try to give you an idea. It was pretty beat up and looked really neglected:(   The drawers were covered in carvings spelling the phrase “Jonny loves Susan.” and some other things.  It was your basic dark walnut wood color and it was very shabby on the top of the dresser.

I debated leaving the carvings because I thought they were really neat.  Until I walked into a craft store and saw the scrapbooking paper with the writing on it.  I fell in love instantly and knew just what I was going to do with it. I purchased 7 sheets and and headed home.

How I created this look:

1.  Remove all the hardware and check the piece for broken drawers or anything that needs to be repaired.  The knobs on this were actually glued in so I had to chisel them out and then drill a new clean hole.  Fixing these issues in the beginning is a time saver..I PROMISE!

2.  Sand the dresser with a 120 grit sandpaper and then a 220 grit sandpaper.  {Remember to always clean your surface when changing grits and to also change your sandpaper frequently.}  Clean the whole thing with an air hose or a damp rag.  Let it dry completely!

3.  Decide on a paint color {make it into DIY chalk paint} grab a brush and hand-paint the entire dresser, including the drawers.  I kept the brush movement with the grain of the wood, but thats up to you..

4.  Wait for the paint to dry, chalk paint dries very quickly, less than 30 minutes. Grab the dresser drawers and placed them on their bottoms.  Now, get ready for the FUN part! The papered fronts!!

5.  I used polycrylic,to glue the paper down to the drawers not mogdepodge, because the modge podge makes the paper way to hard to sand off later.  Used a brush to wipe on the poly and then place the paper on top making sure you dodn’t have any bubbles underneath.  {I put the whole piece of paper on and sand the edges away later. Makes the job easier.}

6.  Wait for it to dry and then sanded away until you like it.  There are no rules! Just do what feels right for you.  Start with the corners and work your way in.  I wanted a very distressed look for this, so I sanded a lot!

7.  Then paint over the paper with the same color you had previously used, let it dry and then distress again!

8.  Distressed the rest of the dresser and wax it.

9.  Lastly seal the drawers with poly and let them dry. Put the hardware back on and do a photo shoot with your new beauty:)

Thank you for reading!! Let me know if you have any questions. Please enter your email to subscribe!!


Jeanette Marie

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2 thoughts on “Antique Low Boy

  1. MJ Stamper

    Just found your page and love it! On the Antique Low Boy post, though, the DIY chalk paint link doesn’t work?


    1. baycreekboutiquehomedecor Post author

      Hi! I have to look to see if wrote that I used a diy on this low boy dresser because I didn’t.
      I used Americana decor paint in light blue for this dresser.
      Sorry about that confusion. I will check it out:)
      Thanks for commenting!



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