Milk paint and metallic paint..who would have thought!!

So, I have been getting lots of questions on exactly HOW I refinished my classy shabby chic milk painted side table. Did I use the bonding agent, what gold color I used..where did I get the milk many coats of each did I apply. Hopefully I answer all of your questions in this post.

Heres the details on what I did. super easy!

I sprayed the whole table with Gold paint, click here for the link, she looked fancy! But kinda boring to me. I was originally going to paint the top white and leave the fancy legs gold but then of course I got to thinking….




table refinished in metallic paint and milk paint

So I decided to milk paint in white over the whole thing. I wanted it to chip away and reveal the gold underneath. I debated clear coating the gold finish just in case I needed to sand off the white milk paint. But I didn’t.

I mixed up Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in the color Flour Sack. Click here for the link. A little side note. I have now tried 2 kinds of milk paint. I will say that Sweet Pickins mixed way easier than the other kind I previously used. I don’t know if the ingredients are mixed differently or if I am getting more comfortable with the paint mixing itself, but I worked half as hard when stirring Sweet Pickins.  It mixed up (in warm water) in less than 2 minutes and I had no lumps. I just used a spoon to mix mine.

I did not use the bonding agent for this.  I painted on 3 coats of milk paint. Took my sanding paper and started sanding the table. All the chippy paint fell right off and looked amazing. I continued to sand until the piece was smooth. Then I Sealed it with wax.

There was a spot on the legs that I was nervous about. All the paint flaked off. But in the end thats the beautiful thing about this paint! It does it own thing. There are no rules.

Its a really pretty finish.

Here it is in all it’s beautiful Glory!!!






Theres an area in this photo where I only had 1 coat of paint. I really like the way it looks. Next time I might do 2 thin coats of paint over the whole thing instead of 3.



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The many shades of coral

Hello again,

I have been getting lots of questions and comments on my coral pieces I have recently refinished. Some people LOVE it and want to know the exact color I used. I tried so many shades before I found one that wasn’t to orange or to pink. It it perfect! My secret shade is Coral Gables from Benjamin Moore.

The first piece I refinished with my coral color was a fabulous dresser. This thing was in great shape, extremely well made and heavy. I did have to use some wood filler on the top to fill in some deep gouges and also sand it down quite a bit because it had small moisture damage.  I then sanded down the whole piece and cleaned it. We also repaired a drawer where the track had broken and glued the drawer back together.

shabby chic coral buffet

coral shabby chic buffet

Isn’t it pretty! This dresser sold really fast. The client who purchased it has a grey room and wanted to incorporate coral. She said she had been searching for something like this for a long time. Glad I could help!

Next up was the coral buffet table I refinished. I was really nervous about painting a side board table in this color.  It is a bold choice and makes a huge statement! I am excited to see the pictures of this piece incorporated in my clients room. She is using navy and coral, and I really like that color combination.

Shabby chic inspired buffet table in coral


Processed with Rookie

Thats it for the coral pieces! I had another client want a coral buffet but we worked together and came up with another idea! I am currently working on it for her and it should be finished in the next few days. She also purchased a custom built farmhouse table that Mike built and a matching bench. I’m definitely excited to see her get this room together! I’ll add a pic when she sends me one.

Jeanette Marie

glaze or dark wax on furniture

Dark Wax or Glaze….and how I use both

Dark wax versus glazing furniture..That is the question. Here are my thoughts on both.

Glaze is very movable. Its literally like watery paint. However, it dries fast. I read  on Sweet Pickins Furniture Blog that the Sherwin Williams glaze stays wet longer and thats why she loves it. Her blog is way more in depth so I thought I’d share her ideas to. Her refinished furniture is Ahhmazing! She post projects and hundreds of people comment and ask questions. I always go through and read them because I love learning other peoples tricks:)

Anyway, I usually use Valspar because Lowes is super close to me and I don’t have time to be driving around when I have furniture to PAINT! DUH

baycreek boutique on glazing tips

baycreek boutique glazing technique

So heres what I do. I either mix in stain, any color..whatevers your pleasure..or paint. Either works just as good as the other. I’ve done both and don’t notice a difference.

dark wax or glaze

stain and clear glaze


paint and clear glaze

This is a really sweet FYI because you can make whatever color you want. Next I use a brush and paint it on. making sure to get into every crevice. Then I use baby wipes to wipe it back off. I like Huggies because they aren’t as wet as Pampers. You can probably just get cheap dollar store ones to.

The trick with Glaze is to work in small sections. Im telling you, don’t think you can paint your whole piece and then go wipe it back. You will very upset. It sticks and starts to gob up.  I’ve done it.

One more tip..I ALWAYS wax before I glaze. ALWAYS! Otherwise it can change the color of your paint. Plus, I sometimes use a DIY version of chalk paint, you can see the recipes and different products people are using at in my own style . She did a fantastic comparison.  Everything seems to absorb into my paint so i wax first.  Unless you want that to happen. Then go for it.


how to use dark wax

glaze mixed with paint

I don’t have a before of the pink. I just went to work

Glaze mixed with stain

Glaze mixed with stain

Dark wax is not  moveable. Its actually crazy hard to work with. The first time I used it I was going to write the Famous  Annie Sloan herself a letter about her tar crap she calls wax! However, I have learned a few  things since then, and I have forgiver her. Now I CAN NOT live with out her magic in a can! It’s fabulous!!

DO NOT use dark wax right out of the can. DO NOT mix it with any other clear waxes.  Mix it with mineral spirits. You can manipulate the coverage, color and movability by adding more mineral spirits if you need to.  Take my word for it. This is the way to dark wax.  I have tried them all, trust me. Im all about easy.

Before you can dark wax you have to clear wax. Dark wax drastically changes your paint color and will not come out of your paint. Obviously unless you want that to happen. So you clear wax your piece, you wipe back the clear wax then you dark wax. Now, heres what i have come to love about dark wax over clear wax. It it completely fixable. If you put to much on, have streaks, or its to dark you can use clear wax to take it off. Fippin awesome! Right! I have used this trick a million times and its a life saver.

dark wax and mineral spirits

dark wax and mineral spirits


applying dark wax




after the dark wax was removed. I can still remove or add more at this point. Looks heavy in some spots, BUT I can totally fix that! I can take off as much as I want


don't mind the missing knob. its not done yet..

don’t mind the missing knob. its not done thinking the duck egg color could use more wax and the detailing under the top could use less. ill fix that tomorrow with my 2 waxes

The Look of each one.

Glaze looks cleaner to me. where as dark wax looks almost dirty. But in a good way. Its all a personal preference. I use both products. It just depends on the piece.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Jeanette Marie






French Inspired Pieces

I love french typography right now. It has to be my favorite little statement to make on a refinish! I want to put it on everything but I don’t want to overuse it on my pieces. I have done a few and I want to show them to you.

This was a small china hutch I refinished in white and a soft blue color. I glazed this piece in a custom dark mix and then added just a part of my stencil onto the drawer because I felt like it was missing something. It really made this looked finished and gorgeous.

outdated china hutch

the before pic


french typography on an antique china hutch

I love this picture

vintage china cabinet in white with french typography

I thought this would be so perfect in a bathroom

Next was a custom ordered refinish on a dresser my client found on craigslist. She was so patient with me during this process. She waited quite a while for me to get to it because I was busy putting things together for a vintage market I was going to do. She dropped the piece off and knew exactly what she wanted! I love clients like that:)

It turned out gorgeous! I think the wait was worth it. This piece looks classy and timeless. I painted it cream and lightly distressed it. I added my french typography and also sanded the saying to look worn in random places. I stripped the top, sanded, stained in ebony and sealed with poly.

Heres the before picture.


shabby chic french typography dresser
IMG_5647Don’t you just adore these pieces..I think they are gorgeous refinishes. The lines on the dresser with the swivel mirror are stunning.  The vintage china hutch looks so fresh and clean painted white.

Thanks for checking these out,

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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Easel

Hey there,

So I have been finishing up some projects that were started when I was going to do a vintage show.  I was going to take our rustic pieces and our rustic home decor items. I just ran out of time so I cancelled my spot in the show. I stared getting behind on my custom orders and I had to catch up.  Working and having 2 kids makes life already very full! Mike and I are super busy these days.

This was a project I was super excited about. I actually just about build this all by myself! I cut all the wood and sanded everything. I stained it in 2 colors and put it together. Its a simple wood project but can make such a cute addition to your room.

Here’s the plans. Building and creating projects from wood is so gratifying! I love that Mike is able to teach me and I have learned so much in a short period of time. I already have plans of making sure Kaylie and Owen will learn this craft from their dad.

The only modification we made on this build was to add an extra support in the back where the hinges attach. We were not comfortable with the amount of room we had when trying to attach them, so we added a furring strip 12.5 in long to the back. Also, adding this piece gives you a little more leeway when putting the easel together.

DIY easel modification from ana white

we added a 1x2in furring strip 12.5in across the back

So there you have it! You can see the full step by step tutorial on Ana White’s blog. I didn’t take pictures while creating this because I was busy working:) Usually I am the helper and the camera crew!

Diy rustic easel

Diy easel display easel

Heres my photo shoot with the easel. You could add family pictures, your kids artwork or holiday cards..whatever you want! You could paint this white and distress it to make it look old and shabby chic. Or you could paint it a really fun color and place it in your childs room for all the pictures they draw you:)

art work display easel rustic Diy easel picture display easel home decor easel


Hope you love this as much as I do! Thanks for stopping in.

Show you care and share.

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A splash of color to warm your room

I am in love with old buffet or side board tables and small china hutches. I think they are such a beautiful way to incorporate a statement piece in any home.






I think every home needs to have at least one piece of painted furniture.
Something that makes you feel a certain way when you look at it.

I personally love neutral colors. Grey, blue, green, white and cream. However, the statement pieces full of color and life always catch my eye and I find myself loving each of them.






Statement pieces can also be more than just a piece with color. Maybe you love the look of something old. That finish can be achieved with chalk paint or milk paint. Milk paint tends to make pieces look older in my opinion. The way the paint chips and flakes off looks so natural. But I love chalk paint for the elegant finish I can achieve on my pieces. I have much more control with it.

Don’t be afraid to bring in something you love to warm your room up! Be daring and add that simple splash of color or warmth to your home. Casually elegant is the perfect way to describe my idea of a beautiful room. So elegant but not the kind where you are afraid to touch anything. A room that naturally invites you in and says hop a squat and relax:)

I wanted to share a few inspiration pictures that I am drawn to. What are you favorite pieces of furniture in your home? Send me a pic via Instagram. Hashtag #visitbaycreek

I can’t wait to show you my pieces when my home is finished with the remodeling! I have been collecting a few here and there!

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